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openhouseVisitors explore the hybrid homes at Landis Homes.

Everyone is welcome to visit Landis Homes during the Explore Retirement Living
Open House on Saturday, October 15.  We will be showing an apartment,
hybrid homes, and a cottage.  We hope to see you then!  Learn more below.

Article from Lancaster Online
by Margaret Gates, Custom Content Editor, 9/14/16

There are a lot of misconceptions about retirement communities, says Sarah Short, director of residency planning for Landis Homes.

The best way to learn the truth is to see for yourself. And you can do just that from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 15, when 17 continuing care communities in Lancaster County open their doors for the sixth annual Explore Retirement Living open house.

“We’re trying to promote that Lancaster County is a place where you want to retire,” Short says. “The idea behind this open house is to give people a preview. Not everyone wants to make an appointment and block off time to meet with a salesperson.”

The open house gives visitors an opportunity to check out amenities and living options, and talk to residents of the communities.

One of the misconceptions organizers hope to dispel is that retirement communities are just for old people.  “It’s really a place for active people,” Short says, noting that some of the participating communities have an age minimum of 55.

What all 17 participants have in common is that they are continuing care retirement communities, meaning they offer multiple care options — including rehabilitation, skilled nursing, memory support, personal care and residential living — all in one location. Several of the communities also offer adult day services, home health services and on-site child care.

When the open house first began six years ago, it was geared more toward older people, Short says. But more recently they’ve seen a trend toward a younger crowd checking out the county’s retirement offerings.

Even if you’re not ready for a retirement community, the open house is a great way to plan ahead, she says. And that’s important, since many communities have waiting lists.

“Most of the communities have some kind of new construction going on. If it hasn’t been built yet, they’ll probably have plans,” she says. “It’s a good opportunity to find out what’s coming up. Many of the places might not have something available right away, but for those people planning ahead, they may get an idea of what’s going to be available in the next year or the next few years.”

Visiting all 17 communities in one day is a daunting task that Short does not recommend. Instead, she says, pick a handful, maybe three or four.

“We live in an age now where people don’t just walk in the door somewhere,” she says. “They want to do the research first.”

Open house organizers have a way to help with that, too. The website www.ExploreRetirementLiving.org has links to each participating community’s individual website, so you can check out the basics beforehand and see which ones might be worth a closer look.

No registration is required for the open house, and entire families are welcome. Light refreshments will be served

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