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Honoring Lives

Since 2004 the federal government and state agencies initiated a transformation in services to the aging population. Born from the initial groundwork of the national person-centered care approach this new initiative aims to give emphasis to resident choice in programs and services.  It recognizes that “choice” is not just a word but rather a guiding philosophy.

Based on this philosophy, Landis Homes adopted and put practices into place that support the dignity, respect, self-determination and purposeful living choices of residents.  It is embedded in the resident agreements, in the stewardship program and in the planning and delivery of services throughout the community. This new initiative at Landis Homes is named Honoring Lives.

The focus of Honoring Lives is aligned with the continuing history and practices at Landis Homes, and is another step on the journey to fulfill the mission of “serving aging adults and their families by honoring and enriching their lives in a community of Christ-like love.”  It also aligns with Landis Homes guiding values of Joy, Compassion, Integrity, Stewardship and Community .

Following are the prime spokes of this philosophy.

The Honoring Lives Initiative is . . .


Serving together

  • Partnership among residents, clients, families, staff, volunteers and others
  • Involvement and empowerment of each person
  • Balancing individual and community needs

Building Relationships

  • Genuine respect for each person
  • Embracing diversity and unique life experiences
  • Creating an atmosphere of community…a place to belong

Enriching Life

  • Providing opportunities to grow, learn and discover
  • Supporting choice
  • Nurturing the body, mind and spirit