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Living Green

Little Free Library in Leaman Woods

April 2019: The Little Free Library in Leaman Woods opened in April 2019 near the gazebo. The library took shape thanks to the craftsmanship and oversight of a group of residents who found a way to give new life to a tree that needed to be cut down. The library has a charter number and is registered on the world map at littlefreelibrary.org. It contains a variety of books for both children and adults. Anyone is free to donate or borrow a book.


Learn about our Woods and Wetlands here.


Earth Day 2017 Focus — Sun Energy

April 2017

Earth Day, which promotes the importance of environmental issues around the world, will be celebrated at Landis Homes on April 25.  Two bus loads of residents will tour neighboring Mennonite Disaster Services headquarters on Airport Road, Lititz, to learn about solar energy in a practical way. Solar power can be used to generate electricity or to heat water. Widespread use of solar panels reduces dependence on fossil fuels. At the Mennonite Disaster Service office and warehouse, 80-85% of the electricity is provided by rooftop solar panels.

Additional earth day activities include a Used Book Sale from 8:00-4:00 p.m. in the Westview Community Room, and Vegetarian Dinner in the Azalea Room from 5:00-7:00 p.m.  Both events are open to the public.


What Happens to Landis Homes’ Trash

February 2015
Landis Homes’ hauler, Republic Services, takes trash to a transfer station located on Harrisburg Pike, just outside the Lancaster City limits.  The transfer station serves as a central drop-off location for waste haulers who collect refuse within Lancaster County. The material is delivered by independent private haulers, loaded into transfer trailers and transported to the Waste-to-Energy Facility. The transfer station reduces truck traffic on the county’s highways by serving as a waste delivery consolidation point. For every five garbage trucks that enter the facility, only one transfer trailer is needed to haul compacted waste on the final leg of its disposal journey.

Lancaster County’s solid waste is taken to the Waste-to-Energy Facility where it is burned.  Burning reduces solid waste volume by 90%. So for every ten truckloads of waste taken to the facility, only one truckload of ash comes out, which is then used as daily cover at the Frey Farm Landfill. The Waste-to-Energy Facility also generates electricity from the combustion of the non-hazardous solid waste.  Steam generated during the burning process spins a turbine which creates enough electricity to power approximately 30,000 Lancaster County homes. In addition, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are extracted for recycling, removing them from the waste stream.


EnergyWISE Consulting Features Landis Homes

August 2014


Landis Homes’ energy and water conservation efforts were recently featured in EnergyWISE Consulting’s newsletter Energy Wisdom. To read, click here. VP of Planning, Linford Good, says, “Conservation of resources is one of the ways Landis Homes lives out its guiding value of stewardship. It has been rewarding to receive recognition from several local, state and national groups for projects that position Landis as an ecofriendly community”


Mennonite Creation Care Network

Mennonite Creation Care Network is a group of Mennonites caring for and restoring God’s Creation.  They work to develop congregations that grasp God’s love for all the earth, households where decision-makers routinely consider environmental impacts, s chools where students of all ages learn to connect with the natural world, church agencies that choose advocates to keep creation care prominent and the broader community, shaped by creative approaches to transportation, housing, food, waste disposal.  You can learn more about the Network at their web site.


Student Research Paper Features Campus

April 2014

Amanda photo hybridhome CRP

Millersville University student Amanda Lyda writes:

“Landis Homes, located in Lititz, is a non-profit retirement community, which is home to almost 800 residents. With much to offer older residents, Landis Homes takes on eco-friendly initiatives throughout their community. From recycling programs to hybrid homes, Landis Homes encourages staff and residents to live green.”

See her full research paper here.


Green Infrastructure Improvements

February 2014

Our green infrastructure improvements were featured in the February 23, 2014 Lancaster Sunday News supplement, “Our Lancaster County 2014”.  Click here to view article.