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Ed & Rhoda Longenecker

Ed Longenecker, former president/CEO; Rhoda Longenecker, former nurse

Rhoda & Ed Longenecker

Ed: Two things stand out to me in my 30 years of serving. First, there was a long expressed dream over many years that we would somehow figure out a way to connect the west and east sides of campus. It was brought up and then tabled many times as being too difficult an undertaking. But thanks to our visionary leadership team over the years, the Crossings buildings have made it happen. Certainly, a big dream has been fulfilled!

Secondly, I believe that sometimes significant events in the life of an organization go unnoticed. I clearly recall times when a strong board of directors, from behind the scenes, pushed for excellence. They encouraged skilled leadership and management teams. At the same time they recommended “leading by example.”

Now as residents, Rhoda and I are grateful to be on the receiving end of excellent leadership!

Rhoda: After working in the nursing center for many years, it is good to see the new trend of residents living in healthcare being the primary decision makers. For instance, instead of all residents on one meal timetable as before, now residents choose their own preferences for meals as well as other daily events.

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