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John Eby

Family member of early residents, former board chair

John Eby

If I count grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts and in-laws, I am the 17th family member to live at Landis Homes. In my first job out of college, what is now known as Eastern Mennonite Missions, I remember hearing about a need to provide for missionaries when they returned from overseas assignments and that was the start of Landis Homes.

A few years later my grandparents moved to Landis Homes and later still, my parents moved to a cottage. They enjoyed the independence, particularly that they could entertain our whole family on special occasions. It was reassuring to our family that as each of our parents needed more care, it was there. They both appreciated not being dependent on us children and we appreciated the friendships they developed and the quality care they got at Landis Homes.

From 2005 to 2015, I served on the board of Landis Homes and was chair for 7 years. During that time we started Landis Communities and in addition to expanding Landis Homes, made a strategic decision to broaden services to people with moderate incomes. We started a homecare agency and apartments in Lancaster City. We used tax credit financing to serve people with lower income at Mountain View Terrace. I am particularly pleased that Welsh Mountain Home decided to affiliate with Landis Communities. My father-in-law was on that board many years ago and I am now. It serves people Landis Homes cannot and is strengthened by being part of the Landis Communities family.

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