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Larry Newswanger

Early Board member

Larry Newswager

I served on the board from 1970-1981, and here are a few things I remember:

When I joined the board, all members were men, but in 1978 the board took action to seat Gladys Rutt of New Holland Mennonite Church as the first woman board member. As the community grew, numerous employees came from the “plain” faith groups in the community, that honored Sundays by not working. With jobs needing to be done on weekends, some of these employees viewed their jobs as “ministry,” and graciously worked on Sundays!

When the first residential units A, B, C, and D were complete, there was a felt need for a chapel. Ira Buckwalter, Executive Secretary of LH, informed the Horst Construction contractors of the Board’s concern… Soon thereafter, East Bethany Chapel was built and dedicated.

Administrator George Leaman knew how to keep the board members happy by usually providing Wilbur Buds and Unique Pretzels for the board meetings!

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