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Rachel Brubaker

Nurse and volunteer

There was much visionary thinking to have Landis Homes become a real dream come true. George and Grace Leaman were very much at the heart of Landis Homes, and did almost all the tasks that needed doing. For example, there were no buses to take people to the store and Grace did that as needed.

One day Grace called me and asked if I could come and “help out” as a nurse, primarily to give out medicines. I consented, and then continued to “help out” for over 50 years. In addition to nursing work, I did some social work and cleaning, whatever was needed with the few people who lived in Aspen, at that time called Unit A.

From then on resident needs kept growing and many more people were thinking it a good idea to move in and dispense with the heavy duties of homemaking as they were aging. With more interest, there had to be more accommodations. It was wonderful to see how staff and volunteers were provided. I’m sure there was much prayer and God’s hand was evident in all phases.

In looking back now as a resident, I’ve seen many changes. Each piece of the puzzle fits together over these 55 years.

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