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Residents Speak

Residents Hersh Leaman and Lowell Detweiler volunteer with BookSavers. Learn more.

Meet Jim and Janette Godfrey, residents of the Crossings.

Leaman Woods poem

by Millie Shellenberger

There is a Leaman Woods located on the grounds of Landis Homes. Through it, all residents are invited to anytime freely roam. Several paths of asphalt provide adequate access through For pedestrians, walkers, wheelchairs and even scooters, too. Along the paths, are benches, where folks can stop to rest. There, they can relax, mediate, ponder, and think thoughts that are the very best. Read more here….

55th Anniversary Reflections

February 2019

In 2019, Landis Homes celebrates our 55th Anniversary.

It was on February 18, 1964 when Landis Homes first opened our doors to the first residents.

We are honored that family members of our founders, past team members, former board members and others instrumental to our history are current residents of Landis Homes.

We have invited some of them to share reflections of significant events they experienced at Landis Homes that gave them a special, personal connection. Click here to read their stories. Photo: Top: February 1965, first residents, Bottom: 2019 current residents Larry Newswanger, Rhoda and Ed Longenecker, and Connie Stauffer

In 2014, Landis Homes released “Growing Community 1994-2014.” This 170-page book is packed with more than 200 photos along with stories and other information about the most recent 20 years of Landis Homes as well as the beginnings of Landis Communities. Download the book “Growing Community: 1994-2014.

In 1994, the first 30 years of Landis Homes’ history was chronicled in stories and pictures in a book by A. Grace Wenger. Click here to download “The First 30 Years: 1964-1994.”


A Tenth Anniversary Milestone
Clair Wagner
January 2018
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Staying Connected
Meet Ed and Rhoda Longenecker
August 2017
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Retired pastor, 94, makes hundreds of caps for needy
Read about Shelly and Mildred Shellenberger
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ziegler-banner“Lifelong Teachers and Students”

Meet residents Don and Priscilla Ziegler
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A resident shares reflections on chapel services.
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Talking with Richard Weaver
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