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A 10th Anniversary Milestone

Clair Wagner

For 10 years, Clair Wagner has been teaching courses with Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning. A history buff, he had been a tour guide for historic Lancaster walking tours for close to 20 years when he was approached about teaching a class with Pathways.

Wagner, 82, has now been a resident at Landis Homes for about 18 months and this year taught a course on “Four Dozen Lancaster Tidbits,” featuring little-known facts about the city and county.

His course was offered in March and April and featured 48 questions that covered a wide range of topics related to the history of Lancaster.

“It covered everything from how Lancaster began as a city as well as some of the different personalities of Lancaster County, such as Thaddeus Stevens,” Wagner says. “I talked about things like, whatever happened to the Rocky Springs carousel.”

Wagner says he likes the idea of being a part of the Pathways program.

“I think continuing education is important for senior adults, to keep us sharp,” he says. “It’s important for us to be active, and for our minds to be active, and the courses cover a whole gamut of subjects.”
He says he’s already looking forward to next year and he likes the interaction with course participants and the questions they ask.

“I probably will teach again next year,” he says. “I really enjoy it.