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Staying Connected

Staying Connected
Reprinted with permission from Lancaster County Magazine, September 2017 issue

Ed and Rhoda Longenecker moved into a new cottage on south campus in 2013. They knew the community better than most people since Ed had served for 30 years as the president/CEO of Landis Homes, retiring in 2006. Rhoda, an LPN, also worked part time at the community for most of those years in addition to giving attention to their growing family.  Read more.

The Longeneckers are the parents of three sons and one daughter, the grandparents of 10 and great-grand-parents of two (with one on the way). They love to have their family visit and explore the 114-acre campus.

Their well-appointed kitchen is perfect, whether it’s just the two of them enjoying a meal or when family and friends are visiting. “I appreciate the work areas and spaciousness my kitchen offers. It is well-lit and open, which I especially like when I am cooking and canning,” says Rhoda. “When Ed is in the kitchen, his favorite thing to bake is oatmeal cookies – using his mother’s recipe.”

As residents they enjoy volunteering – Ed with the campus shuttle and Rhoda with a quilting group. They also serve on various campus committees and are active in their congregation and on local boards. “It is great to be a resident volunteer,” says Ed. “I am energized by serving others and love to brighten someone’s day. It is such a joy.”

Ed and Rhoda are avid bicycle riders and have enjoyed a number of long-distance rides together, including one that took them from coast to coast. With campus and local paths and country roads so close by, they continue to bike as a primary hobby, as well as a means of transportation. “I try to see just how many errands each week I can do on my bicycle rather than using a car,” says Rhoda. “When I do volunteer grocery shopping for the general store, I use the golf cart.” Landis Homes is located within easy biking and walking distance to a grocery store and several farm stands.

“The trails and walking paths are a great way for me to connect on campus, as well as with local shops and markets in the area,” says Rhoda. “I love that this community offers so many ways to experience the beautiful outdoors, including my own vegetable garden.”