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Support Groups for Residents

Groups are facilitated by professionally trained team members, and are times for residents and family members to discuss feelings, concerns and attitudes. For information contact a Residential Living social worker at 717-381-3593 or 717-381-3533, or the Director of Outcome Management at 717-381-3591.


A Grief Support Group which meets once or twice a month is available to Landis Homes residents who desire it.  For more information, contact the Landis Homes Pastoral Services or Outcome Management department.

A caregivers’ support group, Compassionate Connections, meets monthly for persons in Residential Living whose spouse care in another level of living.

A Vision Loss Support Group meets monthly for persons in Residential Living.

Residents may also participate in two support groups which are open to the public. Learn more here:

  • Memory Loss Support Group
  • Parkinson’s Support Group