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Support Groups for Residents

Groups are facilitated by professionally trained team members or trained resident volunteers, and are times for residents to discuss feelings, concerns and attitudes. For information contact a Residential Living social worker 717-381-3533. 


A Grief Discussion Group  meets monthly to support residents who have experienced the death of a spouse.  The group is lead by resident volunteers. Questions about attending can be directed to the Social Worker at 717-381-3533.

A Men Caregivers Group and Women Caregivers Group meet monthly. These groups are exclusively for residents who care for their spouse in their home, or in one of our care centers.  Questions and reservations for group attendance for the men’s group can be directed to the Social Worker at 717-381-3533.

A Vision Loss Support Group meets monthly for persons in Residential Living. (not currently meeting)

Residents may also participate in three support groups which are open to the public. Learn more here:

  • No Longer Alone Family Support Group (for those who with a loved one experiencing mental illness) — meetings via ZOOM
  • Memory Loss Support Group — currently via a monthly newsletter instead of a meeting
  • Parkinson’s Support Group — no currently meeting