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2015 Service Awards







Landis Homes team members were recognized for their years of service at the November 13, 2015 banquet. Those with the longest terms of service are pictured, from left: Lucy Oberholtzer (35), Sarah Zook (40), Rachel Brubaker (50) and Marge Smith (35).

The following Landis Homes team members were recognized for their years of service at the November 13, 2015 banquet.

50 Years
Rachel Brubaker, Life Enrichment

40 Years
Sarah Zook, Housekeeping

 35 Years
Lucy Oberholtzer, Housekeeping
Marge Smith, Heritage Healthcare

25 Years
Becky Bollinger, Adult Day Services
Ella Hoover, Dining Services
Wilma Shirk, Personal Care

20 Years
Erma Hoover, Dining Services
Janice Martin, Personal Care
Karen Sensenig, Personal Care
Ken Shultz, Maintenance  

15 Years
Rhelda Conrad, Adult Day Services
Sandy Gray, Personal Care
Jim Griffith, Maintenance
Sherry Harnish, Housekeeping
Chuck Maines, Social Services
Trace Oberholtzer, Human Resources
Debbie Rohrer, Personal Care
Kay Weber, Residential Living
Doris Witmer, Finance

10 Years
Joy Albright, Healthcare
Marty Auker, Personal Care
Linda Fasnacht, Housekeeping
Rhoda Fisher, Housekeeping
Glenda Gingrich, Pastoral/ Community Relations
Naomi Glick, Adult Day Services
Mary Ann Hess, Landis at Home
Teresa Hurst, Dining Services
Tiffany Krum, Healthcare
Ann Marie Seibel, Healthcare
Orpha Strausbaugh, Campus Supervisor
Susan Zimmerman, Laundry

 5 Years
Janita Burkholder, Housekeeping
Martha Clark, Office Support
Iris Del Rio, Personal Care
Donna Donato, Dining Services
Linda Driedger, Adult Day Services
Cheryl Erb, Personal Care
Donna Ford, Information Technology
Veronica Frost, Heritage Healthcare
Mary Sue Gehman, Healthcare
Naomi Good, Landis at Home
Brenda Harnish, Campus Services
Roy Herr, Dining Services
Danita Hoover, Heritage Personal Care
Sharon Hoover, Landis at Home
Darin Horst, Maintenance
Regina Horst, Heritage Healthcare
Karen Huber, Healthcare
Kaitlyn Hurst, Dining Services
Becky Jordan,  Personal Care
Lucille Kowalinski, Housekeeping
Megan Kurtz, Heritage Healthcare
Jim Leaman, Pastoral Services
Donna Martin, Housekeeping
LaRie Miller, Advancement
Onil Musngi, Healthcare
Mary Njenga, Heritage Healthcare
Becky Sensenig, Healthcare
Lorrie Stoltzfus, Administration
Nicole Walton, Healthcare