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A Blessing from the Scholarship Fund

Melissa Kalicicki, Annual Gifts Officer

Onil has worked at Landis Homes for nine years as a Resident Associate in Ephrata House. You have probably heard him talking and laughing with residents, but you’re one of the fortunate few if you have tasted his fried plantains. (They are so good!)

You can tell by the way he interacts with residents that he really cares about them. When asked what his favorite part of being an RA is he says, “The simple satisfaction of helping. Seeing the relief and gratitude when me and others are able to alleviate what to us would be another of life’s inconsequential trivialities, but to a resident are so much more.”

Most recently, Onil has started nursing school to become an LPN. He has worked with LPNs and RNs for so long that it has led to an admiration of the qualities and work ethic that a nurse needs to do their job well.

“I applied for the financial scholarship and I’ve used the money from that to pay for school and clinical supplies,” he says.

Working full-time and going to school don’t come without sacrifice as anyone who has been through it before knows well.

“I miss sleep. I catch naps whenever I can. I’m either studying in one of the conference rooms during my break or napping in my car for a quick twenty minutes. My wife and I plan our free time more carefully and we probably won’t do any vacations or trips for a while,” he says. “But I’d like to thank the donors that made the scholarship possible. Any amount of extra financial support lessons the burden of stress and I’ll always be grateful for that.”

As Onil has been blessed by the Scholarship Fund, he is able to continue blessing residents with his care, and pretty soon, his new base of knowledge.

Right now, seven team members are benefiting from the Scholarship Fund. Through the gifts to the fund, they are able to pursue higher education and qualifications which helps them serve residents even more.

If you are interested in giving to the Scholarship Fund to help a team member further their education, please contact the Advancement Office at 717-509-5490.