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A Passion for the Pool

A Passion for the Pool

March 2019 — With spring and summer months fast approaching, many people tune into their fitness. Whether it’s to shed those ten extra pounds of winter cookies or to prepare for the warm season of walking and cycling outdoors, the gym tends to fill up with those seeking to get into shape. Thankfully, we have a wonderful fitness center in the Calvin G. & Janet C. High Learning & Wellness Center.

Clair & Kitty Hershey are two of the generous donors who contributed to make the pool and fitness center a reality, and they share about their excitement to donate toward something they are passionate about.

When they sold their farm in 1978, Clair & Kitty knew they needed something to do to stay physically active. They joined Fitness America, and eventually Lititz Rec Center, where Clair went swimming. Kitty took exercise classes and then Clair convinced her to try swimming laps too. Kitty was immediately hooked. They swam an hour at a time, three to four days a week for many years.

“We knew right away that we wanted to designate our Connections Campaign gift to the Pool and Fitness Equipment Fund,” says Kitty.  Now they have the opportunity to swim in the Olympic-sized pool on campus!

“It’s a body-soul thing,” Kitty shares. “You’re getting the full physical workout, and then when you listen to the music, (in the High Learning & Wellness Center) it lifts your soul. The atmosphere of the pool- the people, the exercising, and the sunshine is the complete package. Fitness is a part of us and a vital part of life!”