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Give a Gift and Fill the Gap

Esther & John Kilgore lived in Strasburg, PA, for many years. Reformed Mennonites, they participated in church, raised four boys, worked hard, and lived frugally. They grew and canned their own food, and Esther sewed all of her own clothing. Esther loved gardening. She also was a talented cook.

 “I never knew good cooking until I tasted her cooking. She made melt-in-your-mouth good pie crusts,” Ruth Kilgore, Esther’s daughter-in-law, said. “She cooked well into her 80s!”

Eventually, John’s health deteriorated, and Esther and John decided to move to Landis Homes at the urging of their sons. For several years they lived together at Landis Homes, and Esther continued to live independently even after John passed away 2007. 

“Mom’s (Esther’s) health began changing, and she started wandering, which culminated in a diagnosis of dementia. After several moves on campus, it was time for her to live in a more secure place, so she settled in Lancaster House,” Ray, one of her sons, said.

Around December 2018, Esther ran out of personal funds and began receiving assistance from the Caring Fund. In July 2020, Esther passed away.

“She would have been 99 years old in August. We are so thankful for the care she continued to receive even after running out of funds. If you can give to the Caring Fund, it’s worthwhile to do it,” Ray said.

One of the ways you can assist a resident, like Esther, is through the Fill the Gap portion of the annual benefit auction. Started in 2011, Fill the Gap has grown from providing 31 days of care to providing 462 days of care in 2019. Even though the Fellowship Day 2020 auction has moved online, the need for gifts to Fill the Gap remains as crucial as ever.

This year, a $180 average gap per day exists between what Medicaid covers and what eligible residents can afford to pay. You can be a part of the community’s response to this need by donating half a day, a day, three days, or one entire week of care.

Several Friends of Landis Homes challenge you to give generously to help reach the Fill the Gap goal. Once $20,000 is received, the anonymous donors will give $10,000. When donations reach $50,000, another $10,000 will be added.

Your gift to Fill the Gap ensures continued quality care, relieves financial stress, and gives comfort to the caregivers. You can donate securely online HERE, or by writing a check to Landis Homes with Fill the Gap in the memo line, or by contacting Advancement at (717) 381-3580 or advancement@landishomes.org.