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Family Involvement

Landis Homes believes one of the key factors in satisfaction is involvement by the resident and their family in community life

Resident Council & Resident Association — Landis Homes has a resident council and association. The resident council is made up of elected resident representatives from across all levels of (care) living on the retirement community campus. The resident association is host to a community forum, at least, twice a year to report council activity. Between the council and the association, residents meet together monthly to discuss community life. Resident council is also host to a healthcare advocacy meeting every other month to hear concerns that effect residents of the nursing home.  The resident council agenda is set by resident leadership.  Administration is invited to attend and gives report at each council\association meeting which often include update on the goings on of the retirement community campus.  There is a time of questions about reports from administration as well as a time to discuss council business.   Two resident Landis Homes’ board members also serve on the resident council.

  • Family Involvement in Community Life: We encourage resident families to be involved in community life whether it is activity in the house, household events such as holiday meals or picnics or informational sessions.  At times, resident and family members have been ask to serve on committees such as resident life, the freedom program to eliminate audible alerts in healthcare, past involvement also involves the Landis Homes honoring lives “person-centered care” committee.  Other involvement in community events may include the annual golf tournament, fellowship day, etc.
  • Whom to Call Brochure — At the point of residency\admission, Landis Homes provides the resident and\or their responsible person with the “whom to call” brochure which give names and numbers of individuals to direct questions to.  After the point of residency\admission, Landis Homes also provides a written survey to gain feedback on the move in experience.  Resident\family concerns are often address at the household level because of relationship building that occurs between team members, residents and their families.
  • Involvement in Care Decisions — In the healthcare center (nursing home), an interdisciplinary care conference (ICP meeting) often takes place with the first two (2) to three (3) weeks of admission, and on a quarterly basis, based on state & federal regulations.  But the resident and\or their responsible person can request a meeting at any time.  The ICP meeting is to assure that the resident, if able, has been involved in care decisions.  We encourage the resident to involve family members but it is their decision.  In the personal care home, there is a review of the resident assessment and support plan with the resident and\or their responsible person on an annual basis but it is not a formal conference style meeting.  The resident and\or responsible person can also request a meeting at any time.
  • Community Meetings — On an annual basis, Landis Homes has been hosting community (neighborhood) meetings in each level of (care) living to update residents and their families on the things that may affect their lives.  This has included some of the following:  POLST (Pennsylvania Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment), EMR (Electronic Medical Records), Medicare updates, etc.  Twice a year, Landis Homes administration also hosts a Town Meeting which is a community forum.
  • Ideas Generate Change — We encourage residents and their families to ask questions.  It is through their questions that we as a senior living community come up with many of our new ideas.  For example through resident\families input, we develop a concierge booklet to help organize information and gives resident\families a resource for answers to frequently asked questions.  As a result of being open to resident\family suggestions, we are often able to see things in a new light or with new eyes.  Ideas generate change.
  • Support Groups Available —  Landis Homes has multiple support groups for residents and their families.  Meeting on our campus include: a. Public groups for residents\families include the Memory Loss support group “co-sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association of Central Pennsylvania” and the Parkinson’s support group b. Campus groups for residents include Caregivers Support Group, Grief Support Group and a Vision Loss Support Group.