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Preparing for a Move

Advice on Preparing for a Move

Residents Karen and Neil Musselman moved to Landis Homes in 2010 and share this advice with persons preparing to move to a retirement community:

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  • Do your homework – learn about each community and set a list of questions to ask at each community you visit.  Take good notes and then look back later and see which ones have the most of what you are looking for in a retirement setting.
  • Couples should decide together which belongings to bring along and which ones to dispose of and by what means; what to sell and what to give away or throw away.
  • Move when you are younger so that you can do it together and enjoy all the amenities the campus has to offer.  (Both Musselmans enjoy opportunities to volunteer and to attend local art and cultural events. Neil also enjoys water volleyball.)

SarahShortDirector of Residency Planning Sarah Short shares these helpful points as well:

  • Contact a realtor or broker to find out the value of your home and what needs to be done in preparation for putting your house on the market in the future.
  • Set realistic goals for downsizing that include small tasks so it doesn’t seem too overwhelming.
  • Do as much as possible in advance to prepare for a future move, because it is impossible to estimate when a cottage or apartment on campus may become available. Being ready can cut back significantly on stress.