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No Longer Alone Family Support Group ZOOM–June 24

Hope and help for families impacted by mental illness

The No Longer Alone Family Support Group, now supported by Landis Communities, will continue to meet via an online meeting, the fourth Sunday of every month.  The guest speaker for July will be Cathy Myers, facilitator of Minds Renewed at Calvary Church.  Her presentation “Minds Renewed” will be followed by a time of sharing.

The public meeting is scheduled for Sunday, July 26 from 3:00- 5:00 p.m. by Zoom. Meetings will be held online until further notice and will return to Landis Communities as soon as possible.

The monthly meetings provide a place for those who have a loved one living with mental illness to learn and share their experiences.

For information on joining the Zoom meeting or to receive a monthly meeting reminder, call 717-381-3500 or email JAlbright@landis.org by the noon on Friday, July 24.