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Volunteer Services

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Volunteers from age 14 to 90+ years serve throughout the campus. Volunteers receive personal joy and fulfillment while the Landis Homes community is both enhanced and blessed. 

The Volunteer Services Office is ready to match a variety of talents and skills with new and existing opportunities. Volunteers partner with staff and families to fulfill our mission of honoring and enriching the lives of Landis Homes residents. Persons interested in volunteer opportunities at Landis Homes may contact the Volunteer Services office at 717-509-5409 or email us at Volunteer Services.

Volunteer Services is comprised of Director Moniqua Acosta and Emma Arnold, Assistant (pictured left to right).

Volunteering is good for your health:

AND….Over 60 million persons volunteer in the United States in a given year.  Those who volunteer report a greater sense of purpose in life, and a higher rate of life satisfaction.  We at Landis Homes are grateful for the many volunteers who serve on and off campus every day.

Heart-of-a-Servant Number of volunteers
on December 31, 2017:
275   Residents
119   Persons from the community
394  TOTAL volunteersVolunteer Hours
2017 calendar year:
  35,012 hours.
The average age of our volunteers is 77 years old.
75% of our volunteers are between 70-89
12% of our volunteers are under 70
8% of our volunteers are over 89.


Volunteer Spotlight — Miriam Oberholtzer
October 2018

Miriam Oberholtzer is a Landis Homes resident and has been volunteering for about four years. She volunteers delivering newspapers, pricing groceries in the General Store and cashiering in the Dogwood Gift Shoppe. Miriam started volunteering after she and her sister, Helen, moved to Landis Homes. Miriam loves living at Landis Homes and believes it is important to give back in some way to the Landis Homes community. Since her retirement, she has felt that it is important to give time volunteering, both at Landis Homes and other organizations.



Volunteer Spotlight — George Ritchey
July 2018

George Ritchey is a resident volunteer and he has been volunteering for five and a half years. He started volunteering within a year of moving to Landis Homes with his wife, Carol. George’s first volunteer assignment was driving the campus shuttle. He now delivers resident mail in the east campus and helps to push wheelchairs for doctor’s appointments.

George enjoys volunteering because he likes being able to help people out and provide a service to the residents at Landis Homes. He loves being part of the Landis Homes community and believes that volunteers play an important role in helping things run smoothly at Landis Homes.


Volunteer Spotlight — Kitty Hershey — Serving with Body, Soul and Spirit
April 2018

Kitty Hershey shares that through volunteering, her relationships with residents have deepened over time on both an emotional and spiritual level.  For her, volunteering involves three elements of giving:  body, soul, and spirit.  She relates it to the example of a three-legged stool that needs each leg in order to stand.

“She says, “I do not volunteer in order to receive something in return, but I have been tremendously blessed.”  Read more about Kitty here.


Volunteer Spotlight: Joy Rodenberger
February 2018

Joy Rodenberger is a non-resident volunteer who lives in Lititz. She is 52 years old and has been volunteering at Landis Homes for a little over three years. As a Landis Homes volunteer, she transports residents by wheelchair to and from the East Exercise Room.

Joy started volunteering at Landis Homes because of her children. Several of her children were involved in volunteering here as part of a school project. Joy initially was just helping her children with their volunteer assignments and then decided to become a regular volunteer. When asked why she enjoys volunteering, Joy responded, “I just love the residents!”


A volunteer group Friends of the Wetlands meets regularly to maintain and nurture the natural flood plain on campus.










“My Volunteer Journey”  
by Deb Lakeman, volunteer
Read interview.









Pictured: A volunteer group Friends of the Wetlands meets regularly to maintain and nurture the natural flood plain on campus
Volunteers from age 14 to 90+ years serve throughout the campus. Volunteers receive personal joy and fulfillment while the Landis Homes community is both enhanced and blessed.