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Bringing Sunshine Goes Both Ways

Interview with volunteer and resident Jeralyn Fenstermacher


  1. How did you begin volunteering at Landis Homes?  

I began volunteering in 2006 while my mother, Grace Way Jones, was a resident in Lititz House. I escorted residents by wheelchair to and from activities.

  1. What kind of volunteer assignments do you do now?

I escort residents to and from physical therapy, the beauty shop and many different activities in East Bethany Chapel, Manheim, Oregon, Lititz and Ephrata Houses. I also serve ice cream and do craft projects. My husband Rodney and I have traveled to over 50 countries and islands and we have given over a hundred slide presentations at many locations over the years, including some at Landis Homes.

  1. What benefits have you been able to give and receive through your volunteer efforts?

Being a Friendly Visitor to one resident brought me much pleasure. I felt I brought some sunshine to her life and she brought some to mine. I feel blessed to be able to contribute something to people who have contributed so much in their lives. I love bringing a smile to someone’s face.

  1. How has moving to Landis Homes impacted your experience?

We moved here to a hybrid home in July 2015 and we love living here. We bought a golf cart and now I can take my cart to go over to Personal Care or Health Care to volunteer.

  1. Can you share a poem you have written in response to your volunteering?

I wrote a number of poems while I volunteered at the Lancaster General Hospital for 42 years. I “retired” from there just a few months ago, simply because I chose not to drive to Lancaster city every Tuesday any longer. Here is a sample of one of my poems:


Your volunteering counts so much

To all the people’s lives you touch

You assist someone and share a smile

You lend a helping hand and go the extra mile.

Our gratitude goes out to you You make the days count – you really do!