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Outreach into home and community based services is not something new for Landis Homes and the rest of Landis Communities. Before it was a buzzword in the field of aging services, Landis Homes was working as early as the late 1980s in areas of adult day services and later expanded to other areas connecting with the surrounding community.  Recently the work of two persons associated with Landis Homes was honored by LeadingAge PA. Each June, LeadingAge PA brings together more than 1,000 persons to Hershey, PA to share best practices, learn from experts in the field and to honor those who are leaders. This year, Landis Homes was honored to have both Eva Bering and Ruth Johnson receive awards.

DSA Awards Ruth J Angela D Eva B 2015 NR web smThe leadership Eva has given to the creation and continuation of support groups, Landis at Home, Adult Day Services, and to introduction of Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning at Landis Homes shows this to be true. She is always looking forward to see where Landis Homes and the rest of Landis Communities can be making a difference in the lives of residents and clients.

Ruth’s work in coordinating the Parkinson’s Support Group that meets at Landis Homes has been instrumental in supporting families gathers monthly to learn from experts, hear about new resources and share their experiences. Providing meeting space for the Parkinson’s Support Group is just one of a number of ways Landis Homes engages with the community far beyond the resident population. Other examples of groups bringing people to the campus include the Memory Loss Support Group, Arthritis Aquatics classes and Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning®. In addition, clients of Adult Day Services and the Children’s Learning Center also bring life, enthusiasm and occasionally their family members to Landis Homes. Providing space and support to these groups helps grow our connections to the surrounding community. Many times, when I mention my work, folks respond “Oh, we come there to swim for our Arthritis” or “I love coming to your campus for Pathways Institute classes.” The interactions between these folks and residents at Landis Homes help both groups expand their worlds and grow engagement with each other and team members.

The new Campus Master Plan will benefit both residents and these community groups. Meeting rooms of various sizes and the new swimming pool will be appreciated by all.  We are grateful for the insights, comments and support shared by many as we continue to serve residents, their families and the surrounding community in Lancaster County and beyond through the ministries of Landis Homes and the broader Landis Communities.
Your prayers, suggestions and counsel are appreciated!

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