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After a meaningful year of 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2014, and as we begin our 52nd year of serving, we look forward to these next 50 years of serving at Landis Homes.

In 2014, our listening and strategic planning process led to the Landis Homes Board taking next steps on a Campus Master Plan. The plan provides a blueprint guiding the next five to eight years. It will help transform our campus to reflect the 21st century expectations of current and future residents.

It gives Landis Homes the chance to provide needed space for wellness activities, Pathways Institute classes, additional apartments and expanded parking, among other things. It also helps guide renovation and updating of existing buildings where needed.

Key to this planning was listening to current and future residents and team members. Many are calling for a central location on campus to provide accessible spaces for learning and wellness activities as well as campus services.

A main entrance for those visiting campus for the first time was also identified as an important need. This new plan not only meets these needs, but also, when finished, will allow residents, team members and visitors to cross from one side of campus to the other without needing to go outside. The new apartments included in the planning match the desires of the majority of future Landis Homes residents by having more than one bedroom and at least a bath and a half.

Preliminary surveying for the first stage of building is complete and a design team with resident and team member representation is meeting to give input to the architects. Others are working at the financial components of the project, keeping Landis Homes on solid fiscal standing.

A capital campaign to raise funds for the Learning & Wellness Center is envisioned. In the months to come, the first generation of drawings will begin to appear. It will be important to remember they are initial drawings and may need to be adjusted as planning continues. In addition, we are working with those living in the current central campus cottages to ensure smooth transitions to other locations at Landis Homes. We continue to welcome feedback regarding this project. One way to do that is by sending an email to CampusPlan@landishomes.org.

As we start this journey together, both the Board and Leadership Team value your thoughts and prayers. This is a time of great change both in the continuing care arena as a whole and here at Landis Homes. While plans and facilities may change, our commitment to “Serving aging adults and their families by honoring and enriching their lives in a community of Christ-like love” remains strong.

Thank you for your part in this journey!

Larry J. Zook, President/CEO

717-381-3561 lzook@landishomes.org

This message was posted on 2-18-15, Landis Homes 51st Anniversary.

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