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This year much energy and preparation went into re-accreditation by CARF/CCAC. In the exit interview, the reviewing team clearly noted the ways nearly everyone they spoke with was very engaged with the organization.

Nationally, the term Engagement, has become a recent focus of many leaders who are looking at how to best “do engagement” in their organizations. At Landis Homes engagement means the involvement of many persons who help fulfill the mission of serving.

This grows out of several of our guiding values. We value JOY; COMPASSION; INTEGRITY; STEWARDSHIP and COMMUNITY. When they are put into practice, they produce engaged team members, leadership, boards, residents, clients, families, volunteers and many others.
One way engagement gives character to and makes Landis Homes special is that stakeholders are deeply engaged in important ways. Following are a few ways Landis Homes is seeing engagement lived out.

Every other year, team members are given the opportunity to respond to a confidential, mail-in survey about their work involvement and experience. In addition, we have held a number of “Conversation with the President” gatherings to which team members are invited. Time is given for updates and future plans to be shared, as well as to hear from team members. Other Leadership Team members also attend to join in listening carefully.
The high participation rate and many comments and suggestions resulting from these communication opportunities, demonstrate the deep involvement of team members. The results are shared with the Board of Directors and studied by the Leadership Team, directors and supervisors to learn what is working smoothly and where there is room for improvement.

Allen Heinly, VP of Human Resources shared recently that “Engagement starts with seeking to hire persons whose personal values align with the values and mission of the organization.” During a recent performance review Allen said a young team member expressed the following goal for the coming year, “To not see my job as what I have to get done, but to be here to bless residents and co-workers.”

The same is true when it comes to residents who are offered the chance biannually to participate in the Resident Engagement survey. Through Holleran Consulting which runs both surveys, every resident has the opportunity to confidentially share their experiences, dreams and concerns.

Residents Council, Residents Association and Town Meetings are occasions when residents, involved as both as leaders and as active members, discuss current issues and make recommendations. Consistently high levels of participation and attendance in all of these communication venues, illustrate the abundant engagement of residents!

According to board chair and new resident John Eby, “Landis Homes has a very skilled and competent board, and their engagement goes beyond their governance contribution. Several have had family members who are or have been residents. Most volunteer at Fellowship Day or in other ways, and also give financial support.”

Two board positions are designated to be filled by residents who bring this added perspective to board discussions and decisions. Board members also share in their personal lives the spiritual and service commitments that guide Landis Homes.

Another area of excellent engagement is in the team of over 450 volunteers made up of residents and persons from the larger community. We recognize the sacrifices volunteers make to help out where needed, the time they give and the caring attitudes with which they provide this vital help.

Through all of these valuable opportunities and more, we want to cultivate and find new ways for people to experience engagement with Landis Homes, and all parts of Landis Communities. To help on this journey, we invite you to share with us your thoughts, concerns, affirmations, dreams and prayers. Thank you!

Larry Zook, President/CEO

This article, reflecting a spirit of engagement, was a team effort of staff and board.

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