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Strong Board Leadership Past, Present and Future


Looking through the history of Landis Homes, the engagement of highly qualified and motivated board members has been a consistent contributor to our mission. Their vision, work and commitment to the organization leave me with deep and profound gratitude. Throughout its existence, Landis Homes has sought to recruit and retain a diverse group of board members with varying abilities and skills. From the earliest members in the 1960s who selected the site and set the organization in motion, and through many times since when the board guided major expansion and policy changes, we have benefited from strong board leadership.

In the mid-2000s, this leadership was very evident in the strategic listening which led to the new design of the South Campus and to the creation of Landis Communities. The current Landis Homes board has once again engaged in strategic planning that has led to the Campus Master Plan which is guiding Landis Homes in three ways:

  • Creating a palette of integrated, seamless services both for residents and the surrounding community while enhancing the campus
  • Continuing to transform the campus to reflect 21st century expectations, anticipating utilization by the various groups and supporting community services.
  • Laying the ‘resource foundation’ for Landis Homes 2025, ensuring access to the financial, technological, human and collaborative resources needed to achieve the goals we have set for the future.

This year also brings changes to board membership and we want to share deep appreciation for those board members ending their terms: John Eby (who continues as chair of the Landis Communities Board), Rachel Thomas Pellman and Fred Sargent. Two new members are joining the board, David Hernley, who is replacing Jonathan Hollinger as Board Treasurer and Joe Caputo replacing Fred Sargent as resident board member. In addition, the officers for the new board have been announced. They are: Dan Mast – Chair, Glen Moffett – Vice Chair, David Hernley – Treasurer and Carol Bornman – Secretary. (View board photos at http://bit.ly/20qOqx9

Please continue to keep all of the board members, along with the Leadership Team, in your thoughts and prayers as they guide the organization in staying true to its mission ofserving aging adults and their families by honoring and enriching their lives in a community of Christ-like love.

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