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Daniel Mast joined the Landis Homes board in 2009 and became Chair in the fall of 2015.

What has been your involvement so far on the Landis Homes board since you joined it in 2009?
My first term was one of listening and learning, which continued in the second term with the added role of board secretary, and as a member of the Landis Communities Governance Committee. Of course, I served as a primary care Internist/geriatric physician for many residents across the spectrum of care before and during this time.

How have you seen the area of senior living change in the past decade?
One of the exciting changes is the increasing assistive support services that allow folks to live ’in place’ in their home or apartment for much longer. As many seniors have limited income, this support reserves funds for higher levels of care later, when the need is greater. It also preserves independence and staying in one’s comfortable space, so this increasing service is a dual win.

There are so many retirement communities in the Lancaster area, what do you see as the unique role of Landis Homes?
While the term ’community’ may seem overused, residents and staff at Landis Homes have a warmth and genuine caring for the wellbeing of one another that is exceptional. There is a strong, often faith-based desire to work diligently to help others within and beyond the campus. As a physician practicing in many of the better Lancaster retirement facilities, my observation is that Landis Homes compassionate care among staff and residents is unsurpassed.

Going forward what do you hope for the Landis Homes community in the years ahead?
I am excited for the future expansion of the exercise and aquatics areas, socializing areas, meeting places, and classroom space for Pathways Institute, planned for the new Learning & Wellness Center. We all benefit from the exercise of our capabilities, and I envision this new space having potential to facilitate that in a variety of ways.

I also have a belief that a person with only a few coins is worth every bit as much as those of greater wealth. I hope Landis Homes and Landis Communities, our umbrella organization, will continue to have a wide range of financial options for those hoping to be part of our communities.


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