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by Larry Zook, President/CEO

As we celebrate the spirit of service and volunteerism within the community at Landis Homes, I am reminded of Jesus, the source of our inspiration to serve one another. He knelt and washed the disciples’ feet, and invited us to do likewise through our acts of service. He also suffered so we might live, and through this incredible gift, nurtures us in ways that encourage us to be a blessing to others.

One hallmark of community life at Landis Homes has been the many volunteers who give of themselves, and from whatI hear from many, feel blessed even more in return. As Grace Wenger wrote in the history of our first thirty years, “From the beginning, volunteerism was an important part of Landis Homes life. Many helped in the kitchen and dining rooms. Others folded laundry, mended or sewed on name tags for residents unable to do these tasks for themselves.”

bomberger lukeOne example of this is Luke Bomberger, who in his early volunteer service was a member of the Landis Homes Board from 1974 – 1993. In this role in the late 1980s, Luke was instrumental in bringing an indoor swimming pool to the Westview building. Luke and Mary moved to the newly opened Harvest View in April 1995 and have taken advantage of the aquatics program for the past 21 years. After leaving the board, Luke continued to serve in a variety of ways, including serving with Deb Laws-Landis and others on the committee which initiated the Harvest View Art Gallery and continues to purchase local art to enhance community spaces.

In 2005-06, Luke and resident Joe Russell also originated the Courtyard Railroad Club which launched a G-scale model railroad in the courtyard outside of Aspen, near East Bethany Chapel. An initial layout of the tracks was installed and included buildings, lighting, and landscaping added with the help of many, including the maintenance department. After the first year of operation in 2005, Luke developed a mission statement for the club: “The mission of the Landis Homes Courtyard Railroad is to provide therapeutic value for personal care residents and enjoyment for all residents and visitors of Landis Homes.” Beginning this spring Luke is leaving it to others lead this effort.

Luke is one of many who have served more than 40 years as a Landis Homes volunteer, and is an example like many others who serve one another in the community. Thank you to each volunteer for all you contribute to our community life!

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