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Local ceramic artist, Dennis Maust, spent several months this year creating individual tiles that now adorn the new staircase in Westview. “Seasons of a Vineyard” is the title of the finished mosaic which is made up of almost 200 individually created hexagonal tiles. The piece appears to climb up the new stairway wall ending just below the natural light from the skylights in the ceiling above.

Using 12 different handmade plaster molds, Maust’s artwork shows the vine changing from new stem, to flower, to full fruit, to changing leaves, to empty vine with just a hint of new growth visible on the uppermost tiles. The work incorporates an array of color including multiple hues of greens, purples, blues, reds, oranges, browns and yellows.

“I wanted the colors and patterns to reflect the natural world, like what is carried through in the rest of the building,” he said. “I am happy with the finished piece, and hope those who live here and use this area will enjoy it as well.”

Renovations in the common areas on the first and second floors of Westview were just finished. It took about six months to complete all of the work which brought some inconveniences to all who had reason to be in Westview during this time.

Director of Residential Living Tricia Schlegel said, “…residents have given this project grace and showed great patience and even endured the process with joy.”

Work on the ground level of Westview is planned for 2018 following the opening of the new Learning & Wellness Center.maust2

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