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The following Pathways Institute Classes still have strong availability.  For more details on these courses, and to view the full catalog with additional courses, click here.


Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning Spring 2017 Semester

LH03. The Age of Exploration – Dr. Dominique Didier – travel the world with the earliest Portuguese and Spanish explorers

LH10. Alexander Von Humboldt: naturalist Extraordinaire: Travels with the Man Who Gave Us Unity of Nature with Humankind – Dr. Paul Wengert

LH11. Strong Drinks and Heavenly Brews: A Short History of Beer, Wine, Coffee, and Tea – John Maietta

LH13. Pennsylvania’s Communalistic Societies – Ronald Sollenberger – a look at the Harmonists and the Seventh Day German Baptisits

LH17. Hot Topics in Economics-Dr. Mike Gumpper

LH18. Earthquakes in Italy and Oklahoma: Anatomies of Two Very Different Animals – Dr. Charles Scharnberger

LH19. Marine Life – Dr. Dominique Didier – presentation uses images, videos and stories of unique encounters

LH25. Living with Watercolors: Artist’s Demonstration & Exhibit – Andy Smith – demonstration, lecture and exhibition

LH29. Learn Basic Spanish I – James Gingrich – with emphasis on pronunciation, students will learn to ask and answer simple questions

LH32. From the Womb to the Tomb: It’s Your Life! – Dr. Rebecca Meyer – to discuss, apply and collaborate with Erik Erikson’s Life Stages

LH33. Building a Better You: Adding Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years – Dick Boyer – topics and issues for building better health and wellness

LH34. Medicare 101 – Jim Wahlberg – to provide a basic understanding to Medicare and other insurance options

LH35. Biblical Generosity – Ronald Bare – explore Biblical principles and practical ways to give strategically

LH36. Vaccines: They’re Not Just for Kids Anymore – Dr. Jay Mone’- how vaccines are made, what are the contents and how they provide protection


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