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An art reception on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 will feature the most recent works of Steve Ember, a local photographer and artist. He was born and raised in York, PA, and moved to Lititz with his wife, Marijane, after graduating from Millersville University. They have lived there ever since, where they also raised two sons.

After retiring from work in photography systems, Steve, who has always enjoyed taking photos, was able to pursue it as a serious hobby. He is basically self-taught and has been improving his craft for the past 10 years. Steve has participated in the Lititz Porch Walk for many years and a few other special venues.

Steve likes to find images, mostly in nature, that seem to tell a story. He feels that the subject, the quality of the light and the creative capability of his gear all come together in the process.

“It is very satisfying to me when someone who views my images can see the story that I saw through my lens,” he says.

For this exhibition Steve will have many giclée art prints and some sepia and black and white photos. He prints and frames most of the work himself. There will also be a first-time display of his new series, “Hands of the Artisans.”

The exhibit will include vintage art, which begins as scanned art of antique seed catalog covers. Since many of these images are over 100 years old, they are usually in bad shape. Steve takes these scans of tattered images and digitally restores then to what he imagines they looked like originally.

The opening reception, to which the public is welcome, will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 27 in the new Crossings Gallery at Landis Homes. Live music will be provided by Janet Eberly.

The works will continue to be on display through January 2019. For more information, call Landis Homes at 717-381-3550 or visit www.landishomes.org.


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