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Tuesday January 15th saw the official opening of the connection between the East and West parts of Landis Homes taking place. With this connecting bridge now ready for use, residents, team members and visitors are able to walk under cover from the Health Care and Personal Care houses, through The Crossings and the Calvin G. & Janet C. High Learning & Wellness Center, and all the way to the apartments on the West side of the community. President/CEO Larry Zook shared that bringing the different parts of campus together under one roof was something residents and team members have dreamed of for many years.  Early ideas included a tunnel and even a monorail!  But with the bright winter sunshine filling the glass-sided corridor, it was easy to see why it is already becoming a stopping point for many as they cross campus. He shared how he is already hearing from persons who had not been able to get to the High Learning & Wellness Center without assistance now being able to do so and how meaningful that was to them.

Donna Mack Shenk, Director of Pastoral Services, dedicated the connector as well as giving a prayer of blessing on those who were, today, moving into the new apartments in Crossings East.  As part of her prayer, she said, “As we cross the bridge, the light streaming through reminds us of your light that is with us as we move about this campus, your light connects us to one another and we are grateful for this bridge to enhance and ease our connections…. As this bridge is crossed and doors are opened may all feel welcome as new relationships are built and old ones renewed.” 

Following the prayer, a ribbon-cutting officially opened the connector.  Taking part in the event were (Left to Right)  Resident Elvin Kraybill and his father Simon, who is also a resident, President/CEO Larry Zook, resident Reba Miller and her good friend resident Connie Stauffer.  Elvin and Connie served as Capital Campaign Co-Chairs.  Connie commented, “It is so wonderful to be able to walk over to see Reba without needing to go outside, especially this time of the year.”

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