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Francis and Elsie Harvey seated with their family.

One of the most heart-warming stories I get to share is that of Francis and Elsie Harvey. Twenty-five years ago, Francis and Elsie were inspired to advocate for a benevolent fund at Landis Homes. They saw how some of their friends and neighbors were outliving their financial resources due to unexpected health challenges, often near the end of their lives. They were grateful that these residents were not discharged but they also knew that this created a financial strain for Landis Homes.

The Harveys’ daughter, Doris Dickerson, shared that “Dad really cared for those in need. The difficulties of his own life made him sensitive to others.” Francis & Elsie made the first contribution to establish the Caring Fund in January 1994. Thanks to their vision and the generosity of many of you who have contributed to the Caring Fund, over these years more than $8 million dollars has helped almost 1000 Landis Homes’ residents in their most vulnerable times.

From our beginning, this kind of love and generosity has grown and flourished in our community. Residents, team members and friends of Landis Homes exemplify these values every day. Today, gifts to the Caring Fund come in many ways – a tribute gift in honor of someone who helped a neighbor, an in-kind donation of artwork, quilts, crafts or meals to be sold at the Fellowship Day Auction, or an estate gift designated to Landis Homes in a trust or will.

Francis and Elsie’s children continue their parents’ legacy of giving and inspiring others to give. I invite you to learn more by viewing a video of Francis and several of the family members on YouTube at bit.ly/LHCaringFund. In the video, Francis says, “The Caring Fund is worthy of all our support and I recommend it to everyone.”

Thank you, Francis. I couldn’t agree more.




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