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Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”  Socrates

Slowing down the pace…I never would have thought I would say “YES!” to this possibility. Being grounded and surrounded by the simple pleasures.  Resting my head on the back of the patio rocker, looking up to the sky and watching the puffy clouds pass slowly. There are so many geese flying overhead. Why have I not noticed before?

April is different this year. As flowers begin peeking out of the ground and warmth starts to show itself…I am grateful. The sunshine welcomes walks and opportunities to see flowers, hear the birds and witness the rebirth of the earth.  There is a sense of wonder…I am not in a hurry. The pandemic has slowed me. 

I’ve learned to approach the idea of Sabbath, a period of rest, as an ongoing practice. Taking time for a walk to enjoy the beauty and sounds…not simply to “get my steps in.”  Breathing deeply as I walk past the Owl Hill Bistro to take in the smell of the croissants baking in the morning…not simply rushing to the next destination. 

At home I am enjoying visiting with friends outside on our patio and appreciating the fellowship that for so long was missing. So precious is this time with others. The value of community and relationships is incredible and something many of us just didn’t understand and/or took for granted prior to the pandemic.

One thing I don’t want to go back to is rushing from place to place. I want to do new things and enjoy the quiet . . .  to continue reading books and watching the squirrels play while I am drinking my coffee outside on a Saturday morning. 

This April I will be trying something new…planting sunflower seeds. I have a vision of beautiful sunflowers growing on each side of our Little Free Library in our front yard at home. I’ll keep you posted each month with a new picture on how they are doing. My hope is to have some amazing photos of majestic, colorful flowers. 

What will you be enjoying during this beautiful time of year?  There is much to see right here on our campus. Enjoy      the nature, say hello to our swans and one another.   Let’s be grateful, together, for a Creator who loves us so personally…He has never left our side. He gives us strength for each day.  So let’s slow down…. and enjoy each day… fully. 



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