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In first grade, Merrill realized he liked to draw.

He was encouraged by teachers and especially his eighth grade art teacher and Principal. At the age of 15 he submitted a picture of the “Draw Me” girl found in a magazine and submitted it to the school. That year he enrolled in the Art Instruction School of Minneapolis, Minnesota and completed the prescribed course in “Illustrating and Related Art.” Later he studied oil painting under the teaching of Dr. Ralph Lewars in Mt. Gretna, PA and also taught Drawing and Painting to interested persons in a therapeutic setting.

He envied Water Color artists but felt this was “too difficult” a medium to try. After reading books on the subject he gave Water Colors a try and was “hooked”. He liked the freedom and spontaneity and has since worked mainly in Water Color but also goes back to Oils and Acrylics for variety.

Merrill has always been intrigued by the challenge of creating the three-dimensional on a flat surface and the resulting effects of light on shape and form. By his Art he endeavors to bring Glory to The One who is Creator, Savior, and the True Light.

Merrill has had recent health challenges in the past 18 months that have curtailed his painting career. This may be his final show. The show will run from November 4th – the end of January.

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