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Pastoral Services

from left: Ginny Hartman (Chaplain); Donna Mack Shenk (Director of Pastoral Services); Karyn Nancarvis (Pastoral Assistant); Anne Kaufman Weaver (Chaplain)

The programs of Pastoral Services are strongly supported by chaplains, residents and other team members.  Programs consist of, but are not limited to, Sunday morning worship services, many devotional times throughout the week across campus, prayer groups, Bible study groups, Sunday School, a prayer shawl ministry, and Communion services.  Daily Scripture reading and a short meditation are broadcast each morning on closed-circuit TV.

Click here to read reflections from a resident on chapel services.

Chapels – The are two chapels on campus. East Bethany Chapel is located near the Personal Care and Healthcare areas, and the West Bethany Chapel is located in the Residential Living area.

Sunday services are held at 9:45 a.m. in East Bethany Chapel, and 10:00 a.m. in West Bethany Chapel. An additional brief service is held in the Warwick Room in the Heritage Memory Support area from 10:40 – 10:55 a.m.  Other chapel activities are announced in monthly activities calendars, Landis Homes News, and closed-circuit television.  

Pastoral Visits – Chaplains are committed to visiting residents as needed, providing spiritual support in the person’s home, or when someone is experiencing a hospital stay.


Men Caregiver’s Support Group & Women Caregiver’s Support Group These two monthly support groups are for residents who are providing care for their spouses either in their homes or in another area at Landis Homes. For information, contact the Director of Pastoral Services, or Social Worker in Residential Living.

Grief Support Group – This monthly support group is offered for residents whose spouse has died. For more information, contact the Director of Pastoral Services or Social Worker in Residential Living.

Funerals and Viewings Chapels are available  for resident funerals, memorial services, visitations or viewings as requested. Planning can be done by contacting a chaplain. To discuss possibilities for Landis Homes Dining Services providing a meal after a funeral or memorial service, please contact the Director of Pastoral Services, at 717-569-3271, Ext. 3568. Ability to provide a meal on short-notice depends on the availability of Dining Services and room availability, and may not always be able to be accommodated.

Prayer & Memory Garden – The prayer and memory garden is located outside of the West Bethany Chapel lobby. For commemorative opportunities such as laying an inscribed walkway brick or a tribute gift, contact the Advancement team at Ext. 3104 or by email