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Why Choose Adult Day Services?

A cheerful, well lit room is filled with activity. A small group enjoys a morning cup of coffee, chatting pleasantly and scanning the morning paper. At a nearby table a game of pinochle is in progress and across the room several women cut colorful patches for a comforter. A book club is convening in the adjacent room.  A gentleman is on a recumbent bike getting his morning exercise.

An adult daughter and her mother enter the room and are greeted warmly by those already there.  It is the beginning of the day in Adult Day Services.

This type of service offers benefits not only for the persons who participate but also for those who love and care for them.

The participants choose Adult Day Services:

~To be with other people in a caring, safe environment
~To have fun, interesting things to do
~For support with health concerns and medications
~To go home to familiar surroundings at the end of the day.

The families and caregivers choose Adult Day Services:

~For peace of mind
~For support with caregiving responsibilities
~For time to refresh, relax and keep their own schedule
~As an affordable alternative to long term care.

As the day draws to a close, the adult daughter returns to take her mother home.  She knows her mother enjoyed the day in a safe place. This made it easy for her to complete her own to-do list.

What made it a good day for her mother?  Laughing with friends around the table while enjoying a delicious hot noon meal.  Sharing worries with friends or finding a new thought from a guest speaker.  Enjoying the challenge of a game while getting exercise at the same time.  Simply being in a place that values each person for who they are.

For everyone, its been a good day.

ads smith 400

“Glenn was very comfortable (at Landis Homes) and enjoyed the staff, dining room attendants, social workers, maintenance and anyone he came in contact with…  I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Glenn.”
-Sandy Smith

projectlinusadablank300xDoing for Others

by Ada Blank, Adult Day Services Client
“I retired when I was 65 and started coming to the center at Eden West. Now I am 80 and I still enjoy coming. I like the food – it is great. And the companionship is too. I enjoy riding the bus to get to the center. It is like taking a tour. Making  blankets for Project Linus* makes me feel good. I enjoy it and I like that I am doing something for someone else. The staff taught me what to do and even though I can’t sew, I am able to make the blankets.  It keeps my hands busy. I don’t have any idea how many blankets I have made but I know they go to people who need them.  I saw a list of where the blankets go. Like when there is a fire, they go to the fire victims. The blankets are nice because there are no seams and they are soft.”

* Project Linus is  a national, non-proft organization providing love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized  or otherwise in need, through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers.”

2012 Wiggins

Rick and Connie describe their life immediately after Rick’s diagnosis of vascular dementia, as just “barely surviving.” Connie was working full-time, being the primary caregiver and trying to coordinate services from three different sources so Rick was not home alone. Mornings took a lot of time and effort as Rick had no real reason to get up, shower and dress.

But since February 2012, Rick has been involved with Adult Day Services at Landis Homes five days a week and their lives are much simpler. Rick is now “up and at’em” in the morning and eager to meet his new friends each day. He is back to speaking in full sentences. “I have real peace of mind knowing Rick is safe and happy while I’m at work,” Connie explained. Rick adds, “Being greeted each morning by name makes me feel special.” Connie continues, “The ADS team makes us ALL feel special.”

ADSfriends450px“This is my support group. If I were home I would be by myself. I really need other people – I care about them.” 
   — Carol G., Adult Day Services client