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Living Choices

For an appointment or tour of cottages, apartments, hybrid homes, or suites in Residential Living, contact Residency Planning at 717-381-3549.

To receive an information packet make a request on the Contact Us page.

Cottages are beautifully landscaped and offer residents an independent lifestyle with freedom from the responsibilities of home ownership.

Apartments provide residents ease of living with the comfort of staying indoors to take advantage of community activities and conveniences.

Hybrid Homes provide residents with a new housing option that combines the best of cottage and apartment living

Suites offer privacy and independence while providing residents with dining, laundry and housekeeping services.

For inquiries related to Personal Care, Healthcare or Memory Support, contact the Admissions Office at 717-381-3591.

Personal Care
gives residents support with personal grooming, daily activities and medications so they may remain as self-sufficient as possible. Personal Care households are Aspen, Birch, and Cedar.

Healthcare is for residents who need 24-hour supervision under the direction of a registered nurse.  Healthcare households are Oregon, Manheim, and Ephrata.

Memory Support in The Heritage provides individual programming, security and nurture for residents with memory loss. Residents live in one of three houses based on their required level of support. Lititz is a Personal Care household, while Lancaster our Healthcare household.

 To receive an information packet make a request on the Contact Us page.