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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications must I have to move into Landis Homes?

The minimum age for residency is 62 years old. For younger persons needing care and others in special situations (i.e. younger spouse), exceptions may be made.  Acceptance for residency is contingent upon financial ability as well as meeting the essential requirements of residency with or without assistance.  Prior to residency, more detailed medical information and updated financial information may be required, depending on level of living and length of stay.

What Level of Financial Resources are Required?

Prospective residents must have the ability to pay any Advance Fee, plus show the resources to cover several years of healthcare.  Long Term Care insurance can be an important asset in paying for care.

Why is there an Advance Fee?

The Advance Fee is an entrance fee providing a lifetime right to a hybrid home, cottage or apartment as long as the resident is able to meet the essential requirements of residency. Landis Homes residents are given priority for admission to Personal Care or Healthcare.

Do I get any of my Advance Fee returned?

All Advance Fees have a refund plan. Ten percent of the Advance Fee is non-refundable and the remaining 90% is amortized at 1.25% per month for 80 months.  Guaranteed Refund Options are also available.

How can I get more information about Landis Homes?

Prospective residents are encouraged to visit Landis Homes by calling the Residency Planning Office and Admissions Office and scheduling a time to learn more about the choices offered. Additional information and appointments can be obtained by calling the Residency Planning office (for Residential Living cottages, hybrid homes, apartments and suites) at (717)581-3935residencyplanning@landishomes.org; or Personal Care/Healthcare Admissions (for Personal Care, Memory Support, Healthcare, and Rehabilitation Care) at 717-381-3591.

What is a continuing care retirement community?

A CCRC offers multiple living options at one location.  Landis Homes consists of Residential Living, Personal Care, Memory Support, Healthcare, and Rehabilition Care on its 114-acre campus.

How long is your waiting list, and how do I get on it?

We have lists for each style of cottage and apartment. Some styles are available immediately and others have a waiting period. Prospective residents complete an application which is reviewed to determine if the individual is financially qualified. There is no fee or medical evaluation required to be on the waiting list.

What services are included in the monthly fee?

Included are utilities, cable TV, interior and exterior maintenance, real estate taxes, scheduled transportation to local stores, membership to the fitness center and pool, a variety of activities and amenities, and priority admission to Personal Care, Memory Support and Healthcare. Other services are available for an additional cost such as meals, housekeeping and home care services.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. Some restrictions apply and a pet policy is available upon request.