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This article is part of a monthly series of articles and reflections from Michelle Rassler, Executive Director of Landis Homes. 

Do you identify what is Life-Giving…and why does it matter?

I have recently found myself identifying when something or someone is life-giving. The phrase “life-giving” just pops out of my mouth without any thought or consideration! So what does this mean and why does this matter?

While walking through difficult times in life I have found the companion of perspective. Perspective has helped to sort out where my focus and energy should be spent…what really matters…what makes my heart sing and what waters my soul. As I share these thoughts they sound almost silly and yet many of you can relate. I have confidence in that!

When I entered Crossings after our early February snowstorm, I walked into Don Ziegler’s photography exhibit. My breath was swept away and my heart was filled. “This is life-giving!” jumped out of my mouth! To be life-giving means to impart life or vitality, to invigorate. For me it is a spark in my heart, it is a warm hug, it is the smell of spring and the hope for a brighter tomorrow. I so appreciate when residents share their life-giving gifts and talents for all of us to enjoy. Thank you Don!

Another example of a life-giving moment was when we found out we could move forward with vaccination clinics for Residential Living residents. After much time and energy had been spent with many barriers put in the way of progress, on February 1 we got a green light. YES!!! Thanks to each of you for such a positive response and for signing up.

As we are moving towards Spring, thoughts of warmer, longer days, and the smell of life as the trees and flowers blossom, give us hope for a brighter tomorrow. Let us appreciate the life-giving simple pleasures. This matters because what gives us life does not need to be complicated or expensive.

What matters most is that God is good, always. He gives life and is waiting in the future for us to join Him…regardless of how our journeys twist and turn…He is the creator and sustainer of hope. Blessings!

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