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This holiday season, you can be an answer to prayer for a resident who has run out of financial resources. Even though government assistance pays for some costs, a gap exists between what is covered and what eligible residents can afford. Your gift of $151 to the Caring Fund will fill that gap, providing one day of care.

Your gift completes a circle of giving and receiving exemplified through the lives of Clair and Miriam Umble and the Star Comforters. (Click here to learn more about the Umble’s story and the Star Comforters).

You can complete the Circle of giving with a gift to the Caring Fund or the Caring Endowment Fund. The number of residents outliving their financial resources continues to grow, presenting a difficult situation for them and their families.

You can make an online donation at www.landishomes.org/giving/donate-online or call the Advancement Office at (717) 509-5490 with your credit card information.

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