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Read about the Bowmans in this February 21, 2019 article “Artistic Opposites” by Lancaster Newspapers. Download here.

An art reception was held on February 5 featuring the work of a local couple, photographer and woodturner, Jim Bowman and potter, Lin Bowman. The show for this husband and wife duo are featuring their latest creations which reflect the natural world.

Jim purchased his first professional 35mm camera while in college, thereby forging his destiny by what he saw through the lens. Although trained to be a biology teacher, he instead opened a photography studio and began a career of magazine photo illustration. After working over three decades in film and video production and editing, Jim returned to his early life profession.

In 2017, at the age of 70, Jim retired from a formal vocation. Not one to be idle, Jim pursued more intently his visual explorations. The advances with iPhone camera technology have allowed him to capture images immediately when he notices them. At the same time, he again took up wooden bowl turning on a lathe. This activity allows him to shape wood in a free flowing form.

Since retiring from her days as an LGH cardiology nurse, Lin is a part-time granny-nanny for granddaughter Agnes. One of her spare-time pleasures is playing with clay. Recent experimentation with native clays found on the Northeast and Bohemia Rivers in Maryland has taken Lin back to favorite childhood experiences on the Chesapeake Bay. Fish, flowers, and various additional designs seem to find their way into and onto her pieces. They portray a playful simplicity that appeals to the child inside each of us.

The Bowmans, former city residents who now live in Dauphin County, are parents of two adult children who are both artists as well. Lin’s mother, Anna Mae Hoober, 107, is the oldest resident at Landis Homes.

The exhibit will continue to be on display through March 25, 2019.

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